Spectacular success of Snapchat glasses (Snap Inc.) which record short films and share them through Snapchat. However, this is not the first smart glasses to conquer the market.
Snap Inc. announced the release of its equipment with the change of company name. Just a touch of your fingertip required to start recording video in circular format and start showing what the happy Spectacles holder seeing. The field of view is not limited like in the Smartphone case because we do not have to be careful and should not be afraid of someone kick out the phone out of our hands.
Spectacles can become the favorite gadget of people who can not imagine an hour without Snap. Their simplicity fits into the sociability of the users of the application and their lifestyle, giving the entertainment a new dimension. Although the idea of creating glasses with minicamera is not innovative at all.
It is worth recalling what kind of smart glasses were ahead of Snap Inc. gadget. They look like regular glasses equipped with 5 MP camera. We have them in our shop at www.exampassed.net They can be controlled via any Smartphone. You can take a photo or record video or any object or person without attracting his attention and more.

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