In all, cheating at exams is the least immoral thing you will ever do
Exams in themselves are mainly useless.
They do not actually test your knowledge of a subject but test how good you are at doing exams, and as such, actually encourage cheating.

The person who benefits most from your diploma is the one who employs you on the basis of you having an appropriate degree rather than hiring you on the basis of being suitable for the job, as it will relieve them of blame if you make a mistake

A psychological experiment I would like to see would be an exam, where cheating is allowed
There will be no one in charge to oversee the exam, and no one will come into the exam room while it is taking place, nor is the room in any way bugged.

The only condition is that the exam papers will be headed with the note that the exam allowed cheating (not that cheating actually took place), and that all students were fully aware that cheating was allowed.

The students would be allowed to opt out of this if they preferred, and could do the same exam under normal conditions.

There are benefits in learning to cheat, as it helps you to be aware when someone is cheating you.

I would guess that getting rid of exams altogether would have a huge beneficial effect on education.
It might be replaced with self-testing systems where the student set their own goals, and could be automatically tested.
Alternatively, where companies set tests suited to their own needs, and gave students all the help they need to pass the test.

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