Any of you imagine a day without a phone? It is no wonder that phones have become important tools in the hands of “spies” and allow to uncover even the greatest mysteries.

Anyone will be  pleased with the new phone. With the invisible Spy Phone Rec Pro 4.0 installed on it, you can listen to all your calls and the surroundings of your phone, even when no calls are being routed. In addition, the program will give us access to SMS, current phone location and all photos. We offer several models of different phones that will satisfy and meet the needs of any “spy”.

Facebook has become the main cause of divorce worldwide. Online flirting is considered treason. So if you want to see if your partner is fair to you, use SpyLogger Mail Plus. The pendrive-shaped device will allow you to save all your pressed keys and make regular screenshots. The operation of the program is virtually invisible – it is not visible in processes nor does it burden the system additionally. This product is available in several versions with fewer features.

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